Janmastami Message

Today’s message is very clear: we must strive, this is our job. Spiritual life is a big gift of whichwe constantly receive examples of, like Srila Prabhupada, who came to teach us in a very sweetway how to serve. It is amazing all the attention and love that Srila Prabhupada delivered, he completely strived to make us happy. So, now is the moment for us to do the same with ourlives: to strive to the maximum to satisfy Srila Prabhupada. For this we must understand that allthat we receive has a purpose.
Krishna means happiness and love for all, so our job is to make others happy teaching them toappreciate what they have: to live in a healthy way, to have the right vision and not to makeothers suffer; only this will bring true inner peace. Sri Krsna Janmastami is a special day to singto the Lord with the heart, to fulfill the impossible, to have a lot of projects to serve, to reassureour votes, to offer our heart, to touch with more intensity the lotus feet of the more advanced devotees and to ask them to inspire us to commit with the sacred union of the Lord. We must tell Krsna: Yes, my Lord, I will receive your message in a systematic way, I will deeply study your message in the Bhagavad-gita and in the Bhagavatam, and of the Confidential Science of the Bhakti Yoga, and the messages of the Guru Parampara.

Today is a day to give gifts to Krsna, although we should do that constantly because the wholeyear we receive gifts from God, and we do not reciprocate this to the level of always be thinkingof Him unimpeded. Today is the day to do it and give the gift more appreciated by Krsna andHis devotees, which is to spread this knowledge to everybody, including the more insignificanthuman being.

In this movement the devotees have three ways to express affection, given by Srila RupaGoswami in Upadesamrta:
1. To ask for advice from the greatest souls and to give advice to those who need it.
To get advice we must feel the need of instruction and to be near a Vaisnava, asking himintensely: “Help me, you are my only hope to overcome the ocean of the material world”. AVaisnava never fails, he is here to help us.
2. To offer and take prasadam. This is the constant invitation to the devotees to share thedelicious mercy of the Lord in the form of prasadam.
3. To give and receive gifts. This is the point of what I am telling you, of sharing with others everything we have received,that is the best gift. I am not talking about material gifts, but about surrendering. The balancemust be always more inclined to give than to receive.

I was with a devotee that left this world and I gave him initiation, his name wasArjuna. He was a 27 years old young man with a beautiful family, three children. Everyone wasvery affected by his departure. Imagine, a young man with the whole future ahead, many of youare also 27, just like him and are not doing anything to satisfy Krsna. We want to offer Krsna a gift today, which is a CD called “Sounds that Heal”. This project tookyears for us to produce, it is for people who are unable to listen to transcendental messages,they can listen to these messages that come from the heart and to music that lifts up their spirit,so they can better prepare themselves to leave this world. People in hospitals only listen tothe sounds of the machines that control vital signs, they are in a state of deep desperation andsadness, so, with this gift they are introduced into a spiritual atmosphere which makes them calm and connected to God Himself.

Srila Prabhupada came to give us endless gifts, the temple he had on Second Avenue, in NewYork was called “Incomparable Gifts”, because the gift of Krishna’s Conscience has no price,we could not figure out the Truth that was hidden behind it. Srila Prabhupada is an example of  Vaishnava giving transcendental gifts, he gave gifts to so many people and continues to do sountil today, because people continue listening to him or reading his books, and end up won overby his wisdom and sweetness. We must prepare ourselves every day to return this gift to the world, to be someone that walks giving happiness to others.

So, on this Janmastami day, I pray to my Lord to thank Him and tell Him that I am indebted withHim for sending us Srila Prabhupada, who allows us to keep on enlightening to get us out of thisworld. I fall to my Lord’s Feet asking Him to allow me to get closer to the Eternal Home, and tobe free from fanaticism and institutionalism. You, my Lord, is are the fountain of love and forthis love that You have for all beings You created, we can go back to You; please, invite us toYour home, free from luxury, envy, greed and it is only by your mercy that I can be kept under Your refuge. Everything is perfect, although I am full of faults, I turn to You to beg for Yourprotection. Allow me to give You my heart, which You already own.

Sri Krishna Janmastami ki jay! Srila Prabhupada ki jay!

Your well wisher,

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti