How we should protect the Holy Mother through responsible consumption ?

Dear Readers:

During this time we have been working for environmental protection, conscious consumption and the rights of mother earth.  An example of this in South America is Ati Quigua, who seeks to protect the rights of mother earth.  She represents the Koguis and the Arawaks who are making an appeal for us to protect our planet.
In Colombia some artists made a musical production to encourage care and to prevent the destruction of mother earth.  The Arawaks have defended their habitat from long ago, and through their project “Sierra Opens”, they make a call to the rest of the world to raise awareness of the importance of this.
We usually forget the large chemical impact suffered by mother earth, such as the situation of the nuclear reactors in Japan.  We go to sleep thinking that chemical destruction is temporary.  The Russians were impacted by Chernobyl, but nuclear power is now in the hands of big technical experts. Actually,  the world is in great danger because of the desire of exploitation by companies and such exploitation is virtually in all areas.
Only if one lives a simple life, using resources only to serve Krishna, avoiding unnecessary luxuries, one could say that he has dealt with this current situation, but if we sleep with problems such as nuclear reactors, chemical contamination, the disappearance of species and the constant loss of natural resources.  Then, we need to ask ourselves:  What can we do?
I share this as a response to our negligence not to produce organic food, no to promote dry bathrooms, not to focus on our water, air and other environmental aspects.  We must take care of our mother, we must promote higher values, in other words, our campaigns should be taken more seriously.
Teaching of yoga is a holistic process that covers all the aspects of the human being. Lord Krishna teaches the different stages of yoga, but more important, is falling in love with the Divinity, to sing the Holy Names, study the Srimad Bhgavatam, and serve a pure devotee, that is the truth.  But people also expect guidance from the devotees on what to do and what not to do in this world.  Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada in his comments of the Srimad Bhagavatam gives many recommendations for a spiritual life with awareness of the environment.
Natural disasters that occur are only an awakening.  For example, who knows what territory in Japan will be uninhabited for some time, and Hong Kong is only a for hour- flight away.  The Chernobyl cloud  affected throughout Europe at that time, nuclear plants are ultimately potential atomic bombs, something completely undesirable.  What the world needs is moderation, consumption awareness, and of course Krishna consciousness.
I would like to awaken all of you, my friends y call your attention, and what is this call?  It is a call against animal slaughter, sadly, most of the countries are currently in agony promoting the indiscriminate killing of animals for profit, the number of atrocities against animals or against mother nature is so huge, that only a fool would not realize it.
Love for God, universal love, is the most important thing. That is why we cannot remain silent against calamites that man is creating on Earth.  Srila Prabhupada announced it and the Srimad Bhagavatam predicted it.  We must intensify our spiritual activities, our spiritual retreats, our conferences and how to improve the environmental situation in the community in which we live.

The natives of South America, perform purification mantras mother earth, take vows so that their future generations fulfill protecting mother earth, avoiding  comforts and preserving the natural environment of the place where they live. Thus, they believe in a simple idea to change the world: responsible consumption! We can change the world with healthy products, free of GMOs, to provide welfare and protection to the planet.
I feel compromised to shout about the need to protect  the Holy Mother, Bhumi mata, who is represented by the shape of a cow.  Religiosity and love are manifested by Bhumi, who gives us life and provides us food during it.  Thus, we have more need to spread Srila Prabhupada’s message to humanity.  Compassion, brotherhood and goodness, this is the only thing that keeps us away from an abusive mind that always wants to win.
With this message, this letter for all of you, I hope that after reading this, each one of you becomes more committed with this cause.
With affection,
B.A. Paramadvaiti Swami