Our growth is guaranteed

Dear devotees and friends:

My spiritual master, Sirla A.C. Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada (also known as Sirla Prabhupada) devoted his life to spread Krishna Consciousness and taught us to distribute this divine message in the most beautiful way never seen before, as God's Supreme Personality calls us to the world of love, and His devotee is responsible of giving us this invitation.

The devotee of Krishna wants to reach people's hearts and sow the seed of love for God. Sirla Prabhupada inspired me a life mission: to form a spiritual family.

Anyone who knows and understands the mission of Sirla Prabhupada reaches this natural step, expand Krishna consciousness.

Sirla Prabhupada spoke of spiritual love. Relationships between people give us a limited experience of love. For example, love for your wife and children, isn't the same love that you feel for Mother Nature. Sirla Prabhupada taught us to love Mother Nature, love without boundries. All activities inspired by this ideal are a signs of love, from cooking, giving lectures, making web pages or other things. This meditation is the same and gives happiness to who ever crosses our path. We should develop projects so more people can get to know Krishna. This is our commitment and service to humanity, our meditation, our yoga, our sacrifice and our happiness. This is my mission.

The concept of "Prabhu data desh" is to set ourselves a goal in life.
Don't let your life go by without asking yourself the following questions: What is my goal in life? How much love do I put in the goals that I have? Do I consider something important to achieve spiritual love? How do I overcome obstacles in life?

Sometimes it seems that everything is against our plans or things happen to distract us from our goals. Therefore, the sages advice us to concentrate on our ideals, only in that way we can meet, step by step, our objective. On the road must analyze how much love we will build in our lives. Love for our parents, children, bothers, animals, and love for the heroes of love like Sirla Prabhupada, Sirla Sidhara Maharaj.
Love is the essence of life, true wealth. In this state, everything you do becomes an offering and your relations are from heart to heart. A relationship that isn't heart to heart is not important.
Our relationships aren't from the heart when we fail to appreciate that each person is special. Don't have bad relationships with anyone; every human being deserves all the love you also crave. A student of the truth always harmonizes with everyone. When doubt appears or disturbances on the road, your love for Krishna will give you the power and light to move forward.

Have you ever thought: Who loves you completely? Who is willing to devote himself completely to you? Does such person exist? Who is aware of everything that you do and think? Who is encouraging you to grow and give everything you have? When you love someone, do you expect something from him or her? You expect everything from her or him for sure. A reflection is that who loves you, expects everything from you. Krishna wants your heart. He doesn't want to be your friend he wants to be the star of your heart. A persona who is the star of your life will be your love and ideal for life.

Spiritual life is learning to serve. There is much to learn to serve. In my spiritual family we have meetings so we don't lose the vision linked to working for humanity. I also invite the different directors of preaching centers to travel and to get to know how the work of other communities, this way you nurture the desire to serve.

Sirla Prabhupada left us a lot of service to humanity. For example: promote vegetarianism, ecology. Therefore, we started the campaign called "Spoon Revolution" to increase awareness in the care and protection of animals, because Sirla Prabhupada explained that only after awakening sensitivity for animals we can understand spiritual matters.

With a lot of affection

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti