What does it mean to die in our selfishness and to be born in serviceto others?

What advice can you give to those that  like the great king Parisit Maharaj, receive the news that they are about to die?  First of all, they have to be brave, then wise or search for wisdom.  Like the songwriter Facundo Cabral, once said: “Those who die, aren’t really dead, they just left first to the place where we all have to go to and where they are waiting for us to join them”.  Who decides who leaves this world and when is God himself.  God brings us here, God takes us.  Nobody else can decide that.

In India, Yamarj representsreligiousness.  Yamraj is also Dharmaraj, Dharmaraj is also Yudhisthira,  better explained, it is the highest ranking of spirituality which is fully present in what leaving this worldis called, so imagine such a sacred presence at death.

We all know that we will die someday, but we have the inclination to live superficially, because when we receive such notice, that we have one week, one month, two months left, we become frightened because we don’t know what to do to face this situation.  We simply don’t live preparing ourselves for the final moment.  If this is the case, that we know when we are about to abandon this world, it would be the right moment to enter into a deep reflection within ourselves about spiritual matters.  What is death?  Who said we are not supposed to think about death?  What significance do we give to an event that might happen right now?  Who took “sacred” out of death?  Are you really concerned about finding answers to this matter?  Who is the authority on the matter of death?  Are you really satisfied with the answers you have been given to these questions?

The Vedas declare that death is the moment when we abandon the body.  According to our actions and our desire to serve, we can go to the realm where we can continue advancing or come back to this world of exploitation.  This means that life is a constant preparation.  We fulfill the purpose of life if we achieveto give up the desire to exploit others and we surrender to the divine will.

Srila Prabhupada, a spiritual master, taught us to live each day like the last.  To take seriously each minute in life and he also taught us to take advantage of each minute. When one finally realizes “I’m going to die”, we should accept this as a blessing.

Generally, people who are near death thinkon how to mend their mistakes inlifeor they make more mistakes in their pursuit of enjoying whatever time is left of it.  Certainly, death itself isgreat purification, but there are actions that can only be corrected with a new opportunity.  In life, committing sin and praying doesn’t connect.  On the contrary, the Vedas say that consciouslyacting wrong and then praying, thinkingto thwart the reaction, is not only a waste of time, but also another wrong action, an offense to prayer.  Only with a repented heart we canapproach God asking for mercy.

On the other hand, we have hope.  Chanting the Holy Names of the Lord is something so powerful that the smallest effort done in this way can save us from the worst dangers that exist.  In other words, my dear friends, the Holy Name and repentanceare extremely powerful and can help you get out of the trials of life.  The Holy Name of Krishna can take us to the spiritual world, it is the greatest gift of life and you achieve it when you take refuge in Krishna and His devotees.

Now I’m in India.  It is Krishna’s mercy to be able to come back to the Holy Dam and meditate on how to serve the Dham, how to service others better and how to prepare ourselves for the moment of death at some point.  We learn many things, but we don’t learn the art of dying, that too we should learn.  In any given moment we have to leave, but meanwhile we are at the service of humanity.  Here we learn that before dying, we have to do something for the world.

From the cradle of spirituality, I offer my sincere prayer for those who are in this situation or have a relative in this condition.  In another sense, my prayer is for allto take advantage each day doing what is right. We don’t cry because we are going to die, we cry because we still don’t feel pure love for Krishna. When will we cry to feel pure love for God?  Who cries for some love, already has love, which means that we are having a little love.  A spiritual brother said: “Krishna Consciousness is a school to learn to cry”.  Cry with love, cry with devotion for love.
Your server,
Swami B A Paramadvaiti