Material Body, Trascendental Soul

In Krishna Consciousness, the only thing that we want is the Lord´s mercy and enthusiasm for learning. Regardless of any mistake we have made, God gives us more and more opportunities to serve Him, and thus, we are often distracted with banalities. Srila Prabhupada sustained that we should not be distracted with the affairs of the material world, we should never forget that our goal is self-realization.

The power of  the material energy is very strong, and the truth is, that we are too weak to stand firm in front of it. The material illusion presents us thousands of desires, and most of the time we are not even sure if that is what we wanted until we have it in front of us. People in general do not know about the Vedic literature, about the purpose of life, or about this Creation. Thus, we become entangled in the world, struggling to enjoy and enjoy, and fail to leave this circle where everything is made for us to have more and more desires.

Depression, fear of enthusiasm and negativity are typical of this Era that makes us reject the opportunity to do something better for ourselves; and therefore, it drifts us away from the huge advantage that we have to be born with a human body; and if in our next life we don’t have the opportunity of such a body, for sure we are going to wander from here to there waiting to be born again. Another concept that separates us from human reality is old age, which fills us with more fear in this range of illusion. All the things that the world offers to "modify" or "stop" aging artificially, is nothing more than a large patch to cover the emptiness it generates. We are in a world of lies, where people lie to sell more and we are looking to be lied to, apparently to calm ourselves.

We definitely keep ourselves hand cuffed to illusion and to fashion. To cover our bodies is an illusion, which is nothing other than giving money to the big fashion houses. So, one thinks that wearing this or that brand will make you more beautiful, however, none of that will make you happy forever. If one uses drugs, the whole body will be altered from the neurons to the physical appearance, to the nervous system and other internal systems as well. It has been proven scientifically that there is a brain deficiency after smoking marijuana for three months. Therefore, we must be sincere about the difficulties we have to begin our spiritual process in a comprehensive manner.

A sincere person is the one who knows what disease he or she has and struggles to overcome it, trying different options to get cured; it’s not only about recognizing that you have a disease and continue stagnant, it is not sincere if it doesn’t gowith the desire for self-improvement and to seek help from others.