To Distribute the Sacred Name

Dear devotees and friends of the Truth:

Recalling a few days ago the appearance of the Srimad Bhaghavad Gita, I would like to say a few words:  only when you see that something begins to decline you begin to pay attention to it, and as the soul does not decline, you don’t want to give it the importance it deserves, even so many say that the soul doesn’t exist.  However, thanks to Krishna, we have the Bhagavad Gita, a text in which God

himself explains all these issues.   If you can’t measure up to this, it’s because you have not read it yet.  The themes narrated in the Gita are completely positive; it is not a book that the author seeks to take advantage of the reader.  The Bhagavad Gita only benefits us.  The Vedic Culture is the culture of love; it is not a culture of business or of going around the world with weapons to subdue people.  It is the culture of non-stop deliverance.

The destiny that you forge depends on your preparation, therefore we must consider ourselves in constant training, constant learning.  You must be armed with the “sword of transcendental knowledge” and fight against ignorance.  What is the sword of knowledge?  What is the most powerful weapon we can receive from Him?  The answer is the Truth.  So it is taught that what is more real and magnanimous is to always think about God, you become His devotee and develop love for Him.  God can only be understood through love.  That is the message of the Bhagavad Gita.

In every step and in every moment we are learning fundamental lessons for life and all the lessons focus on that we must learn to love and this is only possible when you develop love for God.    In the temples we are taught to love God by reading the Bhagavad Gita.  In this book there is not a single word that doesn’t have an important message:  “My dear Arjuna this external nature is inferior; and superior to this, is My Nature which the souls are made of.”

Currently people are alarmed with anything, but in essence they are alarmed because they don’t see a future in the spiritual reality; then, what do they do?  They become alarmed for material things, but they are not alarmed by the violence in the movies, they are not alarmed by polluting the rivers, they are not alarmed for doing things that are so notoriously harmful, they are only alarmed by things that are so fictional that they are supposed to happen elsewhere.

We are in danger; there is no doubt about that.  Since we are born until we die, we are in danger.  However, the danger is not death, the danger is birth, because who dies will be born and who is born will die.  This is an old tale, the point is not December 21st, 2012 (date in which many people said that the world would end).  This is speculation.  Rather, we have to work hard in everything we have to do so everything goes well.  Let’s chant Hare Krishna and after any supposed disaster we will continue chanting.  We must always chant Hare

Krishna, we should never stop doing so, and it is not about the world not being destroyed and then wanting to continue enjoying a path that keeps us from its true reality and reason of life.

From Vrindavan, I send this message that I hope fills you with enthusiasm to preach and to achieve a real change of consciousness. What is the secret? Distribute the Holy Name of God around the world in all its forms.

I wish you a very enthusiastic start for the New Year, a lot of strength. Never lose the desire to help others; that is life.  Keep taking care of your bodies, as it is Krishna’s.  You have to protect your health to be able to preach everywhere.

Make the next year a new momentum.