External and Internal Cleansing

Our mission has a great goal, to build sanctuaries in the heart of every being. We must take care of the sanctuary that exists inside and outside of us, strive to be helpful and clean.

Make an offering of your service. This means gain. When you make an offering, you receive. The principle of Bhakti yoga is the joy of giving; therefore, we are the richest on earth, because everything that we receive, we give. In giving there is life. In taking, there is death. If you want to take something you loose this wealth of wanting to care.

Therefore, a devotee is he who protects and promotes a healthy lifestyle that seeks to protect Mother Earth. We must consider avoiding certain things that are detrimental to nature, for example, burning plastics, mistreating other beings, human or animals, using anything that comes from the slaughterhouse. For anybody that wants to develop an ecological mindset, this is absolutely forbidden, because it poisons people’s blood and Mother Earth. Therefore, we promote organic farming and celebrate all the peasants who, despite of all the difficulties they endure, dedicate themselves to healthy production. Let’s stop making the world sick and contaminating it.

We can achieve perfection through the mercy of becoming someone humble and clean. Become someone that cleans, this is the very reason why our eco-villages and temples should be examples of cleanliness. I can say with out a doubt that if someone is dirty on the outside, they are also dirty inside. As we are cleaning up externally, we are also working to keep our heart clean inside, taking care of the relationships with the Vaisnavas that are very important. They are based in caring and kindness.

Relationships have to come from the heart. There is always conflict within a community, due to decisions, different opinions and tastes, etc. But all the conflicts are a melodrama of Krishna to strengthen us. Krishna wants to launch us to spirituality we like it or not. To follow the path of consciousness is somewhat expensive, it needs a great investment, not of money, but rather of effort, time and work; it is the only thing that has the power
to awaken us from illusion. How? By becoming conscious activists of Spiritual Love. The devotees must be known for being consequent guardians of the Mother Earth and promoters of Universal Love. We have many tools in our hands to achieve this.

But fist, we have to become conscious and consistent consumers. We have to stop consuming products that have anything to do with the mistreatment of other beings. We have to invite people to join this spiritual activism. Maybe the ways can be different, but the essence is only one: to make people conscious and start being vegetarians to become more sensitive towards their environment. Therefore, converting in someway becomes part of the solution to help Mother Earth, and it is also of great help for yourself and your family.

It is our clear intention to serve humanity, the animals and Mother Earth through all the activities we promote. We have to keep ourselves alert about this. Therefore, I invite you today to become environmental activists; the fact that you are making others become vegetarian means that you are already an activist.