A Society with Higher Values

Currently there is a trend toward openness, to support debauchery in human behavior. There is great enthusiasm for enjoyment influenced by a consumer society, “you only live once”. The effects on human society are numerous: endangered family, alarming numbers of abortions, juvenile delinquency, and drug addiction, greed for money, envy and competition, return to racism, sexual degradation, suicide, decline in reading, among many other things.

This consumer society operates under the principle of addiction, people live completely captivated consuming products they know beforehand are bad for their health such as alcohol, cigarettes or junk food, but their addiction is such that they consume it any way. Television makes you think your wife isn’t good enough and that you need a lover. Children cry and yell demanding because they do not have what the neighbor has. And so the world is completely confused. The false values have people addicted. One wonders why there are so much harmful things readily available in the world today. Man, eager for pleaser and due to the lack of higher values, is sinking deeper into misery, without the slightest intention of wanting to get away.

It is really important to understand that we need a revolution of consciousness. Simplicity, discover the natural joy that the body, mind and spirit provide, the mystical processes that deliver so many wonderful things to the human being. The way to counteract human degradation and of the planet is through a culture of comprehensive education, where citizens are responsible for their acts, where family is a unit of love and respect, where spirituality and God and an essential part of life.

The prevailing education given to children and youth is moving down a path where life has no higher purpose. Modern universities, with the excuse to remain secular and impartial, have formed educators without ideals who educate children with the idea that life has only one purpose, which they themselves participate, to produce and consume. What happens when young people see that they can not produce because there aren’t job opportunities? What happens when they can not compete in the consumer society because they have no money? They want to take drugs or commit suicide. In big cities like Bangalore, India, where there is much economic growth, an average of 1500 people commit suicide each year, there are even online forums where suicidal people join to encourage their suicide.

All this degradation of humanity and nature is sole responsibility of human action. We need a change in consciousness and redefine new values in human behavior in order to avoid greater disasters. We are going wrong way, this world is moving rapidly in the wrong direction, there is great growth and material advancement, but we ignore what brings true happiness and peace, is inner search.