There is a misconception of freedom in society, an idea of anarchic freedom, without goals, direction or organization. There is also real freedom that leads us to the ideal of a superior life, a conscious and responsible life. So we must learn to distinguish between unreal freedom and real freedom.

There are many natural laws that govern our lives and nature. For example, in order to have vegetables on our table there is a process that takes place, we like it or not. We have to prepare the soil, remove weeds, find good seeds, sow, water it and harvest after a while for it to eventually reach your table. Then, everything has a natural order, and this natural order, this process is not anarchic, it is a process that has its origin in a true conception of freedom and cooperation.

Now, there is unreal freedom. For example, drugs. Many people feel free consuming drugs, but their reliance on this type of self-destruction is such that they become slaves and not free individuals. True freedom involves the responsibility of existing within a higher order, which is generous and harmonious. Just as there are laws and a constitution that a citizen must meet to enjoy their freedom in a civilized world, there are also natural laws that govern the balance of the world, and of course, of all the living beings there in.

There are many ways to be free. With regard to politics, true freedom allows us to think and express ourselves against what doesn’t benefit the people, the planet or its residents. A healthy lifestyle allows us to be free of disease and other ailments that makes us slaves of the pharmaceutical industry (it is important to go back to our natural roots and adopt preventive medicine, that is, phytogtherapy). Economically, we can also enjoy freedom, buying only what is strictly necessary, ignoring the negative influence of publicity. Turning off the television is a heroic act of freedom, leaving behind all the manipulative and destructive influence on critical thinking.

Finally, freedom from greed, freedom from envy, freedom from abuse, freedom from the many lies that we have been bombarded with these last 50 years of materialism, consumerism and ruthless capitalism.

In other words, freedom means to be satisfied with what you have, aware that we are all brothers, free and responsible before Mother Earth and Krishna, and that we have to fight together to improve ourselves, and thus, the world. This is our concept of freedom.