Spiritual Nature of Man

The spiritual nature of man is not based on any religion, but agrees with what benefits our existence, inherent qualities such as love and sacrifice for the welfare of others.

Who am I and what makes my life so valuable? Our existence is defined by desire. Due to desire we assume a position, thus exist. We are individual beings, we have certain independence to consider options and make decisions. As individuals we are independent to do what we want, but at the same time, we have to accept responsibility for what we do, this is what gives value to our existence. We all want to be happy, healthy and we want to know what the purpose of our existence is, we all have the same rights and needs.

We must understand this criterion of equality, there is no reason to feel superior to others. Having failed to act this way, is the main cause of our hostile environment, which results in a competition in which people try to impose themselves and seem better than others. Nobody wants to accept orders or a higher authority; on the contrary, everyone wants to be the authority. No stage of true fulfillment can be experienced or obtained at the expense of others.

The purpose of our existence is to learn to love everyone. We have to establish relationships with others, the kinder and sweeter these relationships are, the happier, more joyful and satisfied we will be. To establish harmonious relationships we have to find a common denominator. Often groups appear that relate through biased interests which don’t prevail over time. The common denominator is God and Mother Nature.

We are sustained by our Father God and by our Mother Nature. At the same time, we have the responsibility to maintain our children, animals, trees, etc. We exist to guide, help and direct someone.

We are not perfect, so we are always learning. We exist for a common cause and we must act for the benefit of all. We are dependent; we depend on air, water, fire, other people, food, and the knowledge of others. We must appreciate this, with joy, with gratitude, which means that we should increasingly understand the importance of being created and sustained, and of the loving relationship that exists there.

The spiritual nature of the human being is the engine of its own existence, beyond the limited perception of the senses, in the realm of transcendence to matter, to the dogmatic and mundane.