Spiritual Growth

My very dear friends of the soul, spiritual life is for growing. In the material world, everything grows and disappears, but your spiritual soul and your spiritual advancement will never disappear or be lost. In this process of growth someone always has lead. All cars have a driver, so do bicycles, and so do planes. It means that when something moves, someone has to take responsibility to where it is going.

How can you handle all those extraordinary talents that you all have? Each one of you with your independence, creativity and your need for resources has to develop them. This can become a very difficult task; that is why we should always look for new ways to adjust and to make everyone satisfied.

In an effort to improve and prioritize what you want to do; your interests can cross, rubbing like bamboo in the wind. Do you know what bamboos do in the wind? They rub, rub and rub and suddenly there is a forest fire. Nobody provoked it, but it is something that happens because in a certain way we have not learned to work together. You know that even siblings fight almost every day. But these frictions exist and we have to learn to overcome them in harmony and with balance. The problem is that we are hypersensitive with ourselves, yet very gross with others; it’s enough for someone to look weird at us and we become resentful, we build walls, distance ourselves, and over react, but when we talk to others we can be extremely rude, and why not say brute. Why this paradox? This paradox makes us pay attention to detail.

If you do not want to realize that the world is a compilation of details and that each detail is significant, then you don not understand what life is about. One cannot be superficial at any time and under any circumstance; on the contrary, we have to be very detail orientated in everything we do. These details are what make us grow or make us fall. We are not always aware of the effect we cause when we act, that is why we have to take care of the details with love, otherwise we will later see that things don’t progress because we haven’t ben cautious and careful.

We all need one another and we forget this all the time. We forget that as a community we all need each other. It is difficult to coordinate among everyone. My ambition is not live a quiet life, my ambition is to serve the world with spiritual energy and for this reason we are together, that is idealism, and for that we need to grow rapidly.

We need to continually review the goals of the community, make a master plan between all of us and after that we need to see who is ensuring that this becomes true. The task is difficult; we are talking about a group of people that should be caring and determined.

We must never forget that the greatest concern for us is to be humble and if we want to be leaders it’s only because we don’t want to serve anything else, we don’t have to have an important position; the leader is the best servant. Our leaders are the best servants. Because we are interested in being servants, we put up high those who are the most humble, the ones that are more renounced and ones that are simpler; we put them over our heads to someday be able to be like them, because when we adopt that position the truth is
revealed in our heart.

We will never understand this truth if we are proud or if we want to take advantage of others; that is an extremely sensitive matter. When somebody works at a company his commitment is only to work certain hours during the day and nothing else, when someone comes to Krishna Conscious, we are asking them to give their heart, their life, and then it becomes a great responsibility, we become a father or a mother to those who come.

We all are leaders. We were born to become leaders, we were born to be responsible people and no one is excluded. The practical questions that come about in this field are: How can we serve better? How can we feel better? How can we be more productive in our service? This is the only criteria there is and the only way to really grow in harmony.