To occupy the mind correctly

The mind fluctuates, and it is easily influentiable. People are aware of this and take advantage of it,
whether they consciously do it or not. For example, people dress nice in order to give a certain impression
in the minds of others. Expert publicists use this fact to influence people to buy products, creating images
and familiarities in their minds. Immediately, the mind gets lost in these thoughts. To be able to control
the mind is very important.

The Bhagavad Gita tells us that the mind is our enemy if we don't control it, but it can be our best friend
if we do. This is the reason why controlling the mind is the only way to get over material limitations and to advance spiritually. Wealth, fame and sexual attraction are the three most prominent forms of lust that keep us in that material condition.

They are the main source of most of the problems we must face in our lives. So, if we follow these types of
attractions, without restriction, the mind will be our enemy, on the other hand, if one is able
to regulate these attractions, the mind could become our best friend.

The mind is part of our subtle material body, which consists of the mind, the intelligence and the false ego, but
our true Self, is different. The soul is of spiritual nature. In this way, if we serve the wishes of the mind
and the body we become materially conditioned. By serving the necessities of the soul we liberate ourselves
from this entanglement. A spiritual guru can show us how to do this.

The mind is always looking for a direction to go to, and the presence of an authority helps us control our mind
because an authority is always fixed in their position even while the mind is of a fluctuating nature. The highest
authority is God, but in our current present condition we dont have a close connection with him. Due to this fact, we
need to find a representative of God, a spiritual guru as an authority in our lives. A spiritual guru will guide us
towards an elevated life because such guru can see through things without being perturbed by the mind
or selfish motivations. Without accepting this loving authority, we would be in a position of accepting
false authorities and we will continue to be confused.

A great amount of the work done in yoga is controlling the mind. Another big help to control the mind comes from
recitation of mantras. The word 'mantra' within itself consists of two syllables 'man' and 'tra'. 'Man' comes from
'manah', which means mind, and 'tra' comes from 'trayate', which means liberation. In this way, mantras are destined
to help us control our mind. The maha mantra helps us control the mind. The maha mantra “Hare Krsna”:
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

This is called: “the great mantra" because it connects us directly with the superior platform which help us to immediately focus the mind in the divinve.

In conclusion, the most elevated way to control the mind is to use it in devotional service to the Lord by rendering
service to a spiritual guru. This process will reveal the most elevated goal in life.