Tips for Living in Community

Dear devotees,
Meeting others to discuss the development of various projects, that is the life and soul of a community, it is healthy and wonderful. I have had the sweetest moments in my life with my brothers and sisters deliberating on how to improve the temple. Individually we will never have the best idea, because four eyes can see better than two. This concept in Krishna Consciousness is called ishtaghosti, where everybody has the right to give an opinion.

It is true; many meetings will reduce the false ego. It is an art to listen to others and if you want to train new leaders and win their hearts, you should no mind including all the dedicated servants in the different meetings

People like to be trusted. There is nothing worse than to make someone feel that what they think is not important. No one should feel excluded. People respond well to trust and it increases their active participation. Meetings are the best medicine for our potential megalomania. Without a doubt, outside the meetings, the respective department has full authority, but in the meetings it is important to listen to everyone and request commitment beyond duty. A leader without the support of their community is like a pujari without a Deity.

We should never fight or be disrespectful in these meetings, even if we are upset with someone else. We should always be courteous and humble. We should never forget that all the difficulties are blessings in disguise, which come to ensure that we advance spiritually and once we overcome them, we will grow spiritually. There are many ways to serve. Don’t think that your way is always the best. Always respect others and their ideas. Those who have natural conditions for leadership are usually convinced that their way of serving is the best. To keep the leaders humble and to keep the community clean, practice the verb “to listen”. The only way to keep the leaders humble is with this willingness to listen: how do my decisions impact others in the community? And it is very important to clarify doubts and issues, because not everybody has the maturity to lead a community. That is very complex, very complex.

There are many details, and if we do not pay attention to detail, big things will not work. An airplane is a huge device that works well because of many details and only if one detail doesn´t work, good bye plane with all its passengers. Then do not be so careless and to think that detail is not important to us…if you think that way, you are one hundred per cent clueless, even more so: in same way that you are clueless, your own spiritual advancement is restricted, you are held off because the world depends on the detail.
All disciplines and efforts to be organized are only intended to make us come closer to Krishna. Attachment to Krishna is the only solution, the only medicine not to stay tied to this material world. This attachment to Krishna comes from taking a service at heart, identifying ourselves with the service to the spiritual master. In other words, everyone should do the service which they feel identified with and never be careless, in that way we will be protected when we are working for this wonderful mission of spreading the love for God to all the suffering souls in the world.
Your well-wisher
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti