Living the Process with Joy

My dear friends, we must educate our children to become responsible beings to fight for the integrity of the planet because it is our duty to protect the inheritance of future generations. We must share the joy and the gratitude, so that together we can develop a higher consciousness and a higher taste.

A beautiful family is a complement of two people. Two that strive to do everything possible to make their children happy while they are with them, so that their children are proud of their parents. Appreciating the value of family, healthy food, the art and beauty in nature, living a healthy life in harmony with the environment, these are clear examples of a higher taste or appreciation of amazing things that surround us. The characteristic of those who want to change the world is that they constantly feel that life is bliss. Understanding that we are part of a universal family where we all are brothers and children of the same Creator; is without a doubt, a great happiness that fills the heart with joy.

That every action has a reaction is a law that we must always remember; because we are subject to that law at all times: what we get is nothing but the result of what we have delivered at some point. Therefore, everything that we do that causes suffering to others, merely makes human beings dumb and blind, making them become cruel and insensitive, prisoners in complete absorption of the trend of this era: "who cares" = I do not care about anything.

The more we help others is also the more we help ourselves. If we make others happy, it guarantees our happiness as well. So, in this way we benefit a lot.

You message should save people, because when you inspire spirituality in people, you become a savior. So this is not something to make you proud, because pride comes before the fall, and you should only try to become more humble and to serve others more. Remember copyright belongs to God.

I ask you to continue this process with joy, because if we don’t follow this process with joy, then we will not be capable of making anybody happy. And we can cry a symphony. Krishna is not for crying, but for singing. Although a little private crying is not bad. Crying for not having enough love for God, that would be a beautiful reason to cry for.

I hope that we can assimilate everything that comes in the future with great generosity and with a big heart, with all my affection.

Your wellwisher
Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti