Loving Recommendations for your Spiritual Life

Many people say that December is a month to be thankful, personally I want to thank and pray to be able to continue serving all of you for the rest of my life. Please be my protection by listening to the classes and supporting the desire to serve Krishna Consciousness.

We are now entering the 30th year of our Vrinda Family, and I must recognize that serving and living up to your expectations is not an easy task, because sometimes more is expected from me and with old I become less capable to serve you well.

Now I want to share with you some importants recommendations, and with them renovate with strength our vows:

If you don’t feel like getting up for magal artik, it means that you forgot that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is waiting to give you audience and attend to all the needs of your heart.

If you do not want to listen to the class, it means that you forgot that by listening about the truth in the Srimad Bhagavatam you are encouraged to remain committed to it.

If you don’t want to do selfless service, it means that you became furtive and forgot about the satisfaction that brings supporting a pure devotee in their service to humanity for the same amount of time and resources that one has to offer this cause.

If you do not want to do selfless devotional service because of the devotees, it means that you forgot that the satisfaction of the heart depends on the time and resources you can offer to a transcendental cause.

If you have not closed your personal Facebook, it means that you didn’t hear well the recommendations of your Spiritual Master about how to dedicate everything to Sri Krishna. Rather, you should transform your Facebook into a tool to pursue some cause that pleases Sri Krishna.

If you have no desire to participate in a preaching marathon, it means that you forgot about the will Srila Prabhupada had to leave India to come and save us.

If you do not wish to continue living with the devotees, it means that you forgot how hard it is to live without them or it means that you have to open an ashram where you have more responsibility or it means that you want to get married and have a family and therefore need your own income. In that case, I would rather recommend that you open a vegetarian restaurant or a similar program and use all your free time to preach there.

If you do not like to participate in the ishtagostis, it means that your false ego has grown a lot and you do not understand that Krishna Consciousness includes respect for the opinions of others and that no collective effort will be successful if there isn’t meetings and frequent reviews of the achievements thereof.

If you don’t dance in the kirtans it means that your foot is hurt or that you are making kirtans so loud that it makes you forget the meaning of the beautiful song that please the Supreme Lord. The kirtan is to encourage ecstasy and compassion and not to scare

If you do not give donations to the temple, it means that you forgot that the deity, your ishtadev, should be the primary enjoyer of your sacrifices or it means that you must be very poor and you have to save yourself urgency doing service and preaching to the extent of your possibilities, always distributing literature, OKis, inviting people to the temples and giving lectures in every opportunity that you can find.

If you don’t chant your full rounds, it means that you must be preaching, serving and advising those who have not heard about Krishna, if that is so, the sacrifice of your rounds keeps benefitting you. Second option: You forgot the Holy Name and that His glorification is the essence of life to get out of illusion. Third option: It means that you do not understand that you are not this body, but a spiritual soul and eternal servant of the Infinite Charmer that is even responsible of your own existence.

If you don’t eat healthy, it means that you forgot that your body is a temple that belongs to Krishna and that must be fed in a balanced way, without iodized, refined sugars, white flour, or GM crops and hopefully without any chemicals, provided that such products are available.

If you like toe at bhoga, it means that you forgot about the dangers of junk food, about MSG, aspartame, about white sugar and flour and that the conscience of those who produce the food from bhoga can affect your conscience negatively.

If you enjoy watching karmi movies, it means that you forgot that you will not have time to purify yourself after the tremendous contamination that goes in your head by subjecting it to the tramps of the psychologists through subliminal sale and advertising in all the movies. Second option: It means that you are stealing time from Sri Krishna that you could use to help others by preaching. Third option: It means that you don’t have an important service that encourages you so much to control the tendency to waste time with contamination. (There may be some conscious films that are exceptional to this description, and this is also applicable for watching television).

If you are not encouraged with your service, it means that you have to talk your spiritual master to understand the importance of your service, to offer him a service that catches more your attention or to let him know the condition of your heart and mind and ask him for help.

If you have your own griha, it means you have a perfect preaching center and you have to purify your house to become a preacher and give people the opportunity to listen about your spiritual master. It means that it is another place which is transformed into a sanctuary, where an altar is set and all the food that is prepared in that house is offered to the Lord (which means that the food should be natural).

If you think that living with other devotees is becoming unbearable, it means that you better put up with it because it is the direct recommendation of a great vaishnava like Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur. Nobody likes for others to speak of their life, but it is also natural that when coexisting with others, our character impacts one way or another, it should be taken as an opportunity to reflect and improve the quality of our behavior. People with bad character are mirrors of their own shortcomings, the scriptures say that we should thank those who criticize us and avoid those who glorify us.

If you like to fight with other devotees, it means that you forgot that fighting diminishes your own happiness and you are acting against the instruction of the spiritual master who taught us "Never retreat and never fight."

If you make others feel bad because of the way you instruct or scold them, it means that you lack compassion and that you have to learn to be sweeter, because only with affection and sincerity you can reach the heart of another person and serve the cause of Krishna for the benefit of others.

If you break the regulations, it means you have doubts about the law of karma and that you will inevitably bring karmic reactions. It means that you are very weak and you have to improve your association. It means that maya trapped you, and if you can try to have association with the devotees; it is best to take advantage of the “danger” sign and escape from your deviations.

If you don’t use sexual energy correctly it means that you forgot that this energy is sacred and it should be used only to please the Supreme Lord and thus procreate a beautiful family. It means that you have too much energy and too much time to waste that could be used for service and to please the spiritual master.

If you think another devotee is more privileged and has more advantage than you, it means that you forgot that Krishna is the Supreme Controller, and that mercy is causeless and that you always have to keep seeking that mercy without engaging in envying people that has received more attention or comforts than others.

If you want to study at the university, it means that you must seek the blessing of your spiritual master to do this or that you have forgotten that your spiritual master is already educating you in superior knowledge and it would be good to become even more qualified. Otherwise, you must meditate in a complete proposal of how your studies will go, so you don’t lose the values you have learned, and use the knowledge you have gained to serve in a specific area.

If you want to associate with a good mother or a good devotee, it means that you must also be a good devotee or a good mother and be willing to preach with your partner in a beautiful way putting Krishna in the center of your life; for this you need good training, and to take into consideration the recommendations that the program of conscious marriage offers.

If you often fall asleep at the conferences, it means that you don’t sleep enough at night and that you need a notebook to take notes in the class, because who really takes notes of everything that is important sleeps well.

If you think that picking up garbage is not devotional service, it means that you have not read the pastimes of Gundica marjanam of the Caitanya Caritamrita and have not considered that cleanliness is the closest to divinity and you have not understood that protecting Mother Earth is a duty of all human beings, what to say to protect for the Holy Dham from the negligence of other human beings.

That is how the Vrinda family is, a lot of appreciation and a space to see everyone happy.