Spirituality is a Positive Struggle

In spiritual life you have to find what makes you eternal. Resign yourself friend, you are eternal, there is nothing to question that. But eternity is a beautiful eternity, where you develop your infinite potential to serve happily and experience infinite growth. But the sheer fact of being eternal is not enough. There are moments where you think you can’t go on, but it’s not like that. Life is chapter after chapter to eternity. Imagine, we have no other choice; we have to move towards perfection. We have to follow that road no matter what. Without arms, or hands, we have to keep moving like a snake, we have to continue, every movement has its destination.

When there are setbacks in the vows we voluntarily take, actually they are moments of reflection that push us to take refuge in the spiritual practice, then not everything is all bad. In life, problems are teachings. If you have a problem, you shouldn’t run away, you have to solve it in order to move ahead. That is life, we have to get up no matter what, and we have to continue in the direction of our ideals. In reality, our life is a life of service towards our ideals, and our ideals are to seek purity, decontamination, and not to be conditioned.

Making mistakes and to leave the material making more mistakes is not something intelligent and it doesn’t help. Rather, we should be in a superior position, struggling to correct our mistake; that is a positive struggle. We should take spiritual life at heart, if you don’t have passion for something we become lukewarm and lukewarm means that nothing is happening. Are you cold, lukewarm, or hot? Spirituality is hot. Not cold or lukewarm… it’s hot. And if we move to the cold side, we are lost; and in the lukewarm side, we are in danger. So, when Sri Krishna sees us move to the lukewarm side, sometimes He comes and reprehends us. And, what do you do when you fall? Do you stay on the floor condemning yourself? Saying: Why did I fall? This horrible floor made me fall; surely it’s guilty of me falling. No. With the help of the floor you get up, pushing yourself up. Forgive and repent so much, so much that you don’t feel like falling again. Because, it’s just in the moment of repentance that one can feel the illumination and appreciation for the mercy of Sri Krishna.

Life is full of trials. Like Albert Einstein said: “Problems aren’t really problems, because when you have a problem, you are forced to go to a higher level to solve it”. Then, it isn’t a problem; it is an impulse you take to go to a higher level.

We see the hand of God everywhere and in everything; we should never despair and rather be thankful. You have great things in your life; do not squander your time with silly things. Use it all for God’s pleasure, and then every second of your life becomes precious and more and more beautiful because you have a special relationship with God.

With affection,

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti