Be tolerant and collaborative

Dear friends,

I would like to explain in this newsletter about a phenomenon that is called self-absorption, which is one of the main problems for cooperating and harmonious coexistence among the people in this world. It is sad when a person is self-absorbed, because it means that they put themselves in a very important position and do not give value to others and this causes a lot of mental contamination, and when someone sees that others don’t have the same self-absorbed position, it creates a certain type of annoyance, and from this emerges that you cannot see the needs of others and it generates to live exploiting people, nature and the world.

Those people cannot stand to hear that there is someone more important than themselves called

Krishna and this is so dangerous that it destroys spiritual life and the only thing that can save you is Paramatma, because He is so merciful that He does not abandon the conditioned soul.

Paramatama knocks on your door and says: “Can you see that you are not alone? How long do you want to stay in this prison, in this illusion created by you?”

This is the incentive we need. Enthusiasm makes you determined to devotional service. Srila Prabhupada said: “You are here to tolerate”.

Remember that you should start the day bowing to others, we cannot become people without criterion, we have to participate actively and take into account the difficulties and that the same time having the submission and obedience to tolerate. I’m not alone on the planet, I am with many people around me and I must be humble and not a collaborator isolated from the world, like the rich people that have houses with high security where nobody visits, totally lost with this poison.

There is a truth; you have to take care of yourself, but sharing. Marriage exists to learn to share, to tolerate. The truth is that when you open your heart and you want to serve Krishna, it is then
when your task begins as a spiritual soul to take care of your progress, and not by being self-
absorbed. The wall of ego around us is broken; the heart softens and takes others into account without locking ourselves in a bubble.

Bhativinoada Thakur said: “Sometimes life seems unbearable with the devotees. Just bear it. Because chances are that when you feel that something is unbearable it is because you are unbearable; thank the devotees for their patience and tolerance”. Srimati Radharani is the prime example.

Srila Sridhar Maharaj said: “When you see your own bad things, you will attract good things”.

You can abandon everything except generosity, austerity and sacrifice that are the brahminical teachings that sustain society.

Do what you like, but do it for Krishna and under the parameters of the Guru. Paramatma does not abandon any soul even if it is very contaminated and He is behind everything in life, of all the decisions and without his mercy nothing can be done.

Krishna Consciousness is where plans are made actively to expand the glories of the Holy Name, specific plans to spread the spiritual vision and to attract devotees to the temples, to the kirtan and prasadam, it all depends on what needs to be done is done. All those who are self-absorbed, get off the throne and come to the lotus feet of the Vaisnavas.

This is the invitation of Sri Krishna.

With all my love I leave you hoping that this message of universal love touches your hearts.

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti