Serving Krishning with the Heart

Dear Friends:

I want to stay connected with each one of you through this newsletter, so you can have a serious relationship with your spiritual master; and this relationship becomes a direct relationship with Srila Prabhupada and Krishna, so it is important to keep this connection responsibly.

Srila Prabhupada is present for all of those who take their relationship with him seriously and it is through these devotees that Krishna Consciousness has expanded, and everything grows because ofis inspiration. Through inspiration and devotion Krishna Consciousness lives.

Srila Prabhupada blesses us all the time, he told us: “Welcome to the world of dedication”. Currently, I meet many people who have taken this path and each one of them reminds me of my spiritual master, and reminds me of a family.

I always want to be with you so I use this tool to encourage you to keep fighting, to take care of your families and wives. This is very important, a devotee once said in a lecture: “Marriage is not for me”…but then he continued the lecture saying: “Marriage is for my partner and children. I got married to make others happy”.

Be tolerant and concerned for others. This also applies for those who live in a temple, the devotee has to make sacrifices in the temple; and if you live outside the temple, you should support at least one program, because that is the shelter where people become devotees, a place where there is good company, kirtan, prasadam, that’s an ashram, a place of refuge. Today there are many temples in the Vrinda Mission to support, which is why it is so important to support them if you are living outside or inside a temple.

If you don’t live in a temple, you should support the temple to keep yourself motivated, and thus encourage others and fight together for the same cause. That’s living in community. There are countless ways to support; it all depends on what you like: serving the deity, becoming an activist of the Spoon Revolution, World Conscious Pact, conscious artists, conscious doctors, conscious women, House of Wisdom, you can support the many programs of the regional office, or you can do sankirtan or volunteer in Eco Yoga Villages. You see? No one is left out; there is space and service for all.

You should always have the conscious to be supportive and help and remember what we are here for: to serve and commemorate the sweet and infinite enchanter.
You are all my family, every devotee is like a son or daughter to me, and your children are like my grandchildren. I adore the grihastras. Some might think they are not liked at temple, that’s not true; the grihstras are wonderful and without them we wouldn’t have beautiful children and grandchildren, and we couldn’t to foster the continuum of the family. They are the seed of the future.

I invite all of you to be a part of this beautiful cause and to keep yourselves connected and committed to serve Krishna. I say goodbye hoping that this message is written in your hearts.
Your always well-wisher,

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti