The Road to Devotion

Dear friends,

We are gathered here once more, through this newsletter, to discuss a very beautiful and

important topic, devotion.

Devotion comes when I am disgusted with cruelty and deceit; devotion is something divine and

very fine. We must learn to mourn the absence of divinity in our lives and then something special

will happen in our heart, since it will awaken the desire to learn about devotion, that is the real


Devotion adds value to your life and it makes us develop the glory of our existence. Devotion

means not to cheat, to accept the essence of life and to be honest; we should always be raising

awareness and live to learn to love. The four regulative principles exist so we can develop love.

Devotion is synonymous of joy, happiness and future, this is why Bhakti Yoga or devotion is the

most rewarding path for the wellbeing of the planet and human beings, it is the gift that opens the

treasure of our heart and you can try it, you can learn about it, and it emerges in the heart through

faith. This faith is the treasure of life, the path to devotion.

After reading the Bhagavad-Gita, we must come to the conclusion that we have to give up all other

engagements and assume the service to the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. If you are convinced about

the philosophy of serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, that is faith, and the development

of faith is the process of Krishna Consciousness. Faith can be blind, which means that a person

accepts anything without a criterion of personal criticism or of your own convenience. Blind faith

wants to imitate, people want to imitate anything, easily, to achieve something personal with a

selfish goal.

Every action has a reaction, this is a life teaching and that is why you should take the right path.

It doesn’t matter how much it costs to have devotion, because we need it, it is the key to a happy

life. Neither your power, nor knowledge, nor pride can achieve anything, only with love and

compassion you can gain a lot. This is my message.

I do not believe in Darwin, but I believe in the soul, in devotion, in gratitude, in vegetarianism, in

the World Conscious Pact, in all the projects that are being developed in different places for the

service to Krishna, I think we are all equal, no one is better than another, we are all children of the

same Father, and now is time to put into practice all the conscious teachings.

So, dear friends, do not hesitate to take advantage of this beautiful path of devotion. I wish you

the best, the best in the spiritual path, there is no state without problems in this world, and if

we are going to have a hard life, we better do it with a Higher Spiritual purpose, devotion for the

Divine, and everything that leads us to God.

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti