Perseverence on Devotional Service

Dear Readers

The message for this month is related to our attitude towards spiritual life. After a few years of practice, some begin to lower their standard and thwart in a comfortable position, some begin to eat onions and think it is not big deal; others drink coffee or just go to mangal artik on Jamastami. This is our inclination and this leads us to meditate on what the real essence is.

Our lives will start to decline if we are not constantly taking care of ourselves, for example, when I am in India, I find Hindus who were vegetarian that are now eating meat. This is so frustrating.

We have fallen into a comfortable mindset. When someone gives us service, we get angry. When everybody wakes up early in the morning for mangal artik, we would rather get a pillow to rest some more. Things like that. It is not a satire to be a slacker; it is the beginning of failure. Bhakti Yoga principles are regulative principles. There are many principles because we have many areas to work on. However, the principle of loving Krishna, of loving God should immediately come into our lives. When you introduce the principle of love, everything else comes automatically. You do not want to stay stagnant.

Preaching Krishna Consciousness has been a joyful sacrifice for devotees, even when it gets hard; and even then, they have never failed Krshna and Srila Prabhupada. For me, Vaidhi Bhakti is a type of hiding place, which is shown in Bhakti Yoga, so that the raga is not so significant, so people can pay attention to detail. It is our desire to expand Krishna consciousness; even though we do not have qualifications, we should still try. Only
when we are attached to Srila Prabhupada, we will feel committed to go on and defend the essence of Bhakti Yoga from everything that happens.

The examples given to us by our acharyas are always lessons. Never stop and keep going, like Srila Prabhupada, who eventhough he was sick in bed, he kept translating the Srimad Bhagavatam, this is to go haywire.

I want to thank you friends for being part of this preaching program and for wanting to expand Krishna consciousness everywhere. We must yearn to become an instrument of God's love, assisted by the strength of the four regulative principles of freedom, we must not falter.

With this message I say goodbye, hoping that it reaches your heart and motivates you to engage in intense service. Serve, serve and serve. That's the only thing a Siksa Guru wants: to serve others with purity.

With affection,
Swami B.A Paramadvaiti