Spiritual Growth

Dear readers,

In this bulletin, I want to tell you that Krishna Consciousness gives us the opportunity to share with devotees who are overcoming the difficulties inherent to this material world and are being successful in performing such sacrifice. To relate to people like these, should encourage us instead of arising jealousy which leads to criticism. In this material world we can grow continuously but the growing finishes, it is something karmic; on the other hand, the spiritual growing, the consciousness’ evolution it is of upmost importance, it is indeed the most elevated thing.

The development of the consciousness never goes to waste, Krishna states in the Bhagavad Gita: “In this process there is no lessening, nor ending. The most minimum advancement it is an improvement to keep for the rest of the life.” Krishna is very generous, He accepts your service, which is never lost; you will walk forward with what you are doing. Srila Prabhupada showed this to us, that one can grow spiritually in this material world.

Sadhu sanga sastra, it means to evaluate what are we doing, always, to evaluate our lives and how it is evolving our consciousness, because we must direct it to the evolution, to the revolution, to something beautiful. When one has more maturity that means to have more love, more affection, more patience, and more determination to do things. In Krishna consciousness there is no limitation to serve because it is material that is the desire from those who want to get out from this world. Krishna consciousness is for your full life; with eighty years old still you can make the adjustment to give your soul to the Supreme Personality of God, to be vegetarian, to be a pure devotee. Do whatever you want but do it of first quality; don’t accept something to be less than the best. In Sankirtan, in the office of the spiritual master, if you are going to direct a temple, pray to Krishna to avoid neglecting the devotees, to not get downhearted, to not displease anyone because you don’t keep accounting, not to discourage others.

We need to search how to help others and united, our service will be excellent. The message which I want to give you is to love everyone, to go together towards the Truth. That is the way of Srila Prabhupa, he took everyone towards Krishna consciousness; Krishna’s love is for everyone, sweet cows, peacocks, plants. Everyone is happy with Krishna’s apparition. Krishna Consciousness is not mistreatment, pride, envy, criticism, nor feeling superior; these feelings show up only when we forget the Divine mercy which allows us to serve, that is why one needs to practice self-criticism and see the results of our actions in our life, because we can’t be indifferent to others’ suffering, particularly if we have been a source of anxiety for them. The devotee thinks that we are all brothers to grow together spiritually, not to boycott or discourage others. If we make others sad, then all our opportunities will end.

Learn to smile; the power of being together in love is something beautiful. Srila Prabhupada gave us something so valuable, in this way he inspired us.

My beloved, use the services which Krishna gives you to capture the people in the world of love. Don’t ruin the life of others by not taking them to the gift of Srila Prabhupada.

Thanks to all of you for reading this message.
Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti