Cleaning our Conscience

Dear Readers,

In this edition I would like to write about the importance of appreciating what Sri Krishna presents in our lives. When someone hears something about Krishna Consciousness, a very special feeling awakens from within, it happens because we listen to the instructions of God from our heart. What the real source of our inner being tells us is not something foreign, imposed or misleading. It is not something despotic or like the thousands of illusions we have experienced in the material world, it is rather wonderful. For example, when we listen to the Lord’s moral instruction in the Bhagavad-Gita, we immediately realize that is how things should be, we can feel it. In today’s society we are compelled to deal with thousands of situations that are very much against our best interest, but our heart warns us when we are about to do something wrong.

Something inside tells us to stop fooling around, our conscious is always calling our attention. What is inside us that make us accept something as good and refuse Maya? It’s like a conscious beneath the conscious, right? Because consciousness is at the level of thought, but the subconscious is below consciousness, that's called intuition.

We must be determined in our spiritual decisions, you will have trials all the time, but what will help you move forward is to understand that you will not be able to understand everything, but you can love. You can spend time with the devotees, take prasadam and your ticket to Krishna will be assured. Don’t worry about other things. Devotees do not put conditions, Mahaprabhu says: "Let me be your servant life after life without conditions", this is something very special. Saying I do not want to serve, but you have to do something for me, it's not a good attitude. We will stop having this type of mentality only when we are much attached to Sirla Prabhupada and his teachings, because we will then feel committed to making progress and defend Bhakti Yoga from whatever happens.

Listen to your spiritual awareness, your inner self guides you every moment on how to act. For example, stop criticizing others and rather extol their qualities. Srila Bhaktisidhanta used this system. If you speak badly of others, those things will enter your subconscious mind and will diminish your level of consciousness. We cannot serve Krishna directly, but we can serve the devotees and when the devotees are happy, Krishna is Happy. When you appreciate what a vaisnava does, many blessings will come your way. These blessings are what give you joy.

When you appreciate a person you can be supportive of their goals and of our goals, all our efforts should be to enthuse everybody. When a devotee realizes this, his heart rejoices and he says yes, I want to have it, I want to share it, and this is a great joy. When you are connected with what you want, you receive great inner strength. Moreover, the world today needs a revolution of love, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to make a revolution of love, Sri Nityananda has enhanced this revolution and Srila Prabhupada is the real revolutionary. Therefore, embrace what you experience each day with faith and honor him for your spiritual growth, and share this with others. Our inner being leads us to love, to a bona fide spiritual master, to Sri Krishna.

Give smiles; reach out to others to create a circle of protection to defend every soul because when you have strength and protection upon you, you immediately understand that something good is happening. This is a great gift, and this great gift comes from Sri Sri Radha Syamasundar through the spiritual master. No one who preaches should think that what I give is mine and has all right rights reserved and others have to pay for something. This is not a message of love.

The real endeavor is a life dedicated to helping others, some decorate the world with money, but we want you to decorate it with love, but mainly decorate your heart with the Holy Name of the Lord.

With affection,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti