Spiritual solutions to present problems

Dear Readers,

Sometimes bad things happen to us and we have to go through that suffering, there is no option. In order to keep calm, you shouldn't forget that everything that Krishna allows to happen has to be that way, like a baby that will be born, he can't choose to stay in his
mother's womb, he will be born, and that is natural.  So, our life is about going through many things, for example, if there is a fire in a house and the house burns, or an earthquake.

In many cases, we do not have the answers to specific situations, but that doesn't mean we have to ignore that those situations are related to karma. So, in those cases, try to act according to the universal values, being responsible, tolerant, and compassionate, taking care of Mother Earth and defending her rights and not making anybody feel miserable.

Our whole life, the whole experience in this material existence is full of excitement and challenges and there will always be problems. But we do not belong here, because everything in this material world is temporary, whereas we are eternal souls. So we should take this opportunity to get rid of false identifications and become engaged in the loving service of the Lord by drawing near to those who are already engaged in His service. Do not be surprised if there are a lot of obstacles in your preaching activities; rather be surprised if somebody takes the path of a spiritual life. We are spiritual souls surrounded by the kingdom of Maya. Good association, a sincere heart and a strong determination will help us to make our lives successful.

Many of our problems come from using the human form of life in superficial activities that prevent our progress and only divert us from what is really important.  We must use our life for the purpose of self-realization.

Problems are also good beacons that show us that there is still a lot to learn and to improve in ourselves. Although scientists are making enormous effort to invent things that reduce suffering and increase the comfort of humanity, they haven’t found solutions yet for the real problems of life:  birth, old age, disease and death. All the technologic advances and modern gadgets are focusing on providing more comfort to mankind. But unfortunately these advancements cannot solve our real problems. They are just aiming to ease our suffering, but the suffering is still there. They do not deal with the root of our problems. That is called illusion: taking something as a solution that cannot really help us.

For instance: many people are afraid because they do not know how to get more money. And when they get a lot of money, they are afraid of losing the money or being robbed. So the money is not the real problem. The real problem is the fear because of the bodily concept of life.

So the problems are still there. These situations happen because we do not consider the real root of all problems. We are just superficially trying to make our lives comfortable. So first we have to understand what is the real problem in our life is.

The Vedas teach us that we have to come out of the bodily consciousness and realize the loving relationship we have with God, athato brahma jijnasa – we have to ask questions about the Absolute Truth to solve the problems of the material world. We have to realize that we are not this body but spiritual souls. We are part and parcel of the Highest Consciousness and we are eternally related with Him. We have to take care of the needs of the soul.

With affection,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti