Connecting with a new year

This year was a revolutionary one, with many gifts and many challenges as well. This is how Krishna's mission works. As Srila Prabhupada says, "For every setback there are three steps forward". I am personally very grateful though I do not deserve to have association so beautiful, or so many beautiful projects, but since they are Prabhupada’s and not mine, I have nothing else but to assist them all. Some points are so remarkable that are so difficult to put into words, such as "the cave of surrender," one of the seven healing wells in Goloka. It is a work of art so beautiful that I think Visvakarma made personally or Sri Krishna Himself.

We must always strive to move forward and be thankful. I could probably never be able to thank all the people who have done such wonderful things. However, although it may seem surprising, I believe that the revelation of the The United Nations of the Spirit that now happened in Varsana, is the most important event since our preaching began. Let me explain why I think this.

The world is marked by divisions and fights. People never agree on anything, even in ancient peoples I could also see bad relationships and belittling among them. Therefore, this meeting of grandfathers and grandmothers of many ancient traditions, agreeing on something that brings welfare to the world, to create a unique document that they called the United Nations of the Spirit, is a unique calling for the union of the universal spirituality.

Only in the enlightened instructions of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Srila Prabhupada’s universal performances I found generosity, and for that reason we come to Krishna Consciousness. Not to minimize other people, much less to take advantage of some material resources donated to Krishna by other people as we have seen even in the mission of Srila Prabhupada at times. (I mean the diversion of funds collected from several in the interest of a few). Everything is for God. This is what our teacher taught us. The declaration of the United Nations of the Spirit is something we can put in our head as non sectarian with the essential knowledge and without excluding anyone. And this statement has coming into being in a meeting in Varsana makes me so happy I could only compare it with the installation of the Deities.

The details, the prayers of love are nice, we respect them, but the important thing is the result. And the visit of a cosmic light left me speechless. I do not know who sent it, but it looks so auspicious when all grandparents were gathered on this site signing the founding of the United Nations of the Spirit. You may think I'm crazy, but there is the the photo and the documentation and Gurudeva Atulananda is my witness.

Sure, I do not want to present this as an event very linked to the Vaishnava influence, because it would take away its importance and credibility. But we are definitely subscribed to the historical fact, and as we accept Ikwashendwna, the guardians of nature, we now accept the United Nations of the Spirit as something easier to understand, which of course includes Ikwashendwna and the mamos Lorenzo, Luntana and Atikiwa who were present there and signed. Even the mayor came with his wife and also signed the document.

Apart from this, this year a temple in every home, an island in the Tiger, the temple in Santiago, the permits for the house in Lima, the many farms given to us to serve Prabhupada such as Madhuram in Barranquilla, the farm in Bahia and Bhaktidham. There are so many things that I can only say thanks to the sankirtan movement and hopefully we can stay together, because pride comes before a fall, as is well known.

Another news that makes me happy is that the government of India made a donation to Vrindavan, to Helping Hands, and authorized to make a big and beautiful Imlitala ghat for Mahaprabhu in front of our Yamuna Kunja’s door, I could cry out of excitement because of this.

May Sri Krsna keep us chanting Hare Krsna please, because this maha mantra has brought us here.

With much love and appreciation to all,

Swami B. A. Paramadvaiti